DUPLEX ultrasound

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Duplex ultrasound is a simple and painless procedure that uses sound waves to obtain detailed images of blood vessels and related structures. This procedure helps doctors diagnose, monitor, and treat conditions such as aneurysms and peripheral arterial disease. The procedure is painless and non-invasive, making it safe and comfortable for patients.


Duplex scan shows:

1. size, shape and general condition of the blood vessels of the spine, abdominal cavity, lower extremities, main veins responsible for the nutrition of the brain, neck, upper extremities;

2. the appearance of blockages, blood clots, as well as the direction and speed of blood flow, the patency of veins and arteries, vasodilation;

3. any deformations and calcifications of vessel walls;

4. state of the structure of blood vessels before and after any operation and injury.

Indications for the procedure Duplex vessels:

  • Dizziness or headaches;

  • Loss of consciousness;

  • High blood pressure;

  • Darkening in the eyes;

  • Decreased memory, attention, cognitive abilities;

  • Attacks of severe weakness;

  • Pain, feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs;

  • Periodically arising feeling of a numbness of hands and feet;

  • Paleness or discoloration of the skin of the lower extremities, swelling;

  • Cramps in the legs.


Duplex examination is a great way to monitor the state of blood vessels.


It can diagnose a variety of conditions and helps doctors track the progression of existing conditions as well as make the best decisions for a patient's overall health.

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