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Electroneuromyography (ENMG) is a modern diagnostic method used to assess muscle contractility and the state of the nervous system. It is commonly used to diagnose neuromuscular conditions such as hernias, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle weakness, and more.

ENMG helps determine the exact location and severity of a nerve or muscle condition by measuring the electrical activity that travels through the nerves and muscles in the body. ENMG can help diagnose hernias by looking for abnormalities in the electrical activity of the muscles and nerves in the affected area.

The method has a large number of indications:

  • muscle weakness or paralysis;

  • numbness or tingling in the limbs;

  • pain or discomfort in the arms or legs;

  • loss of muscle control or coordination;

  • muscle cramps or spasms;

  • herniated discs or other diseases of the spine;

  • sciatica or radiculopathy;

  • peripheral neuropathy;

  • myopathy or myositis.


Contraindications for electroneuromyography:

  • infection or inflammation in the area to be tested;

  • uncontrolled bleeding disorders;

  • severe allergic reactions to the electrodes or conductive gel used in the test;

  • seizure disorders or uncontrolled epilepsy;

  • nerve injury or scar tissue in the area being examined;

  • active bleeding or open wounds in the area being examined;

  • hemorrhagic stroke or other intracranial bleeding;

  • unconscious state or altered mental state.


In our clinic, neuromyography is performed using the most modern equipment and methods for accurate diagnosis and treatment of our patients.


By contacting us, you can be sure of:

  • The use of modern expert-class equipment, which has a wide range of diagnostic capabilities for an accurate assessment of the functionality of the neuromuscular apparatus;

  • Highly qualified specialists who regularly undergo trainings and internships in international clinics;

  • The accuracy of the test results.


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